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Essdee Ink Rollers (or Brayers) are known worldwide and come in a variety of sizes and specifications to suit your project. Hard rubber rollers are the de facto standard for Lino printing, but softer rubber rollers can be more forgiving and easier to use. If you are block printing we have a roller to suit your needs!


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Looking for a roller to do a specific job? Take a look at the categories below to find the correct roller for your next project.

Essdee Ink Roller (50mm)

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Sponge  Rollers

Aluminum Craft Rollers

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How to Make a Monstera Leaf Lino Stamp

Hey there! This is Hayley from Buff and Blue.

I’ve been asked by the folks over at Essdee to do a little beginners tutorial to help you get started with the first steps into printing.