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White Scraperboard 610 x 502mm – 10 sheets

RRP £78.25

White Scraperboard is also available upon which the user applies ink to selected areas. This eliminates excessive removal of large black areas. The working process is identical to that for black Scraperboard. Use good quality waterproof ink and a sable brush to ‘block-in’ the main areas of the design and leave to dry naturally. The use of a clean piece of paper under the hand to prevent accidental marking is even more important when using white Scraperboard. It is possible using white Scraperboard to carefully build up an illustration with semitransparent inks and then add detailed engraving. White Scraperboard is the best medium for airbrushing and is perfect for creating dramatic illustrative effects

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Weight2.34 kg
Dimensions617 × 510 × 12 mm