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Lino Cutters and Handle Set (10 Cutters styles 1-10)

RRP £7.25

The Essdee Lino cutter set contains 10 precision ground lino cutters manufactured from high-carbon steel and a strong polypropylene handle with aluminium ferrule, which allows the easy fitting and tightening of the cutters. A simple, but great quality Lino Cutter set.



  • Lino Handle with Aluminium Ferrule
  • Lino Cutter No.1
  • Lino Cutter No.10
  • Lino Cutter No.2
  • Lino Cutter No.3
  • Lino Cutter No.4
  • Lino Cutter No.5
  • Lino Cutter No.6
  • Lino Cutter No.7
  • Lino Cutter No.8
  • Lino Cutter No.9

Additional information

Weight0.041 kg
Dimensions65 × 125 × 25 mm