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Black Scraperboard 305 x 229mm – 10 sheets

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Essdee Fine Quality Scraperboard is heavily coated with china clay, giving a smooth surface which is then over-printed with black ink. A sharp scraper tool engraves a line through the surface ink to expose the white beneath. It offers an artistic medium which is clear and precise. Used by illustrators and professional artists around the world, its super-smooth surface lets you to work in extremely fine detail. It can also be used extensively as an ideal airbrush medium. Engraving is as easy as drawing with a pencil, and with much the same action. The board provides extreme contrast with dense black and pure white. Scraperboard can be subsequently coloured and reworked to provide many interesting possibilities. Commercial artists value it for the sparkle it can give to the most mundane subjects, it guarantees perfect reproduction on the poorest of papers.



  • 10x Essdee Scraperboard Sheets 305x229mm
  • Scraper Cutter No 2 and Handle

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