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Essdee are proud to be sponsoring Print Day in May (PDiM) for the second year running.  Our mission is to inspire the next generation of artists and printmakers, so PDiM is a fantastic opportunity for us to help encourage people to get printing.

Print Day in May

Every year on the first Saturday in May, printmakers world wide celebrate Print Day in May in print shops, studios, kitchens, on beaches and sidewalks all over the world.

For 24 hours, as the day unfolds around the globe, printmakers in over 70 countries begin making prints and join in this powerful celebration of creativity.

By nightfall those taking part share their work on social media and the PDiM website with thousands of others, creating a community chain around the world.

The Essdee mission is to inspire the next generation of artists and printmakers, so we love sponsoring PDiM as it is such a fantastic way to encourage people to get printing.

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We are a UK manufacturer of block printing products and have been making our famous British Scraperboard since 1945.  To achieve our mission to inspire the next generation of printmakers, we ensure that our innovative products make block printing accessible to a wider range of age groups and abilities, from affordable starter kits to inventive and patented tools and accessories.

Our website features ‘How To’ guides, interviews with inspirational printmakers and instructional videos.  We also showcase inspiring artwork from new and established printmakers on our social media pages.

We are a multi-generational family business based in Worcestershire, England. We offer our products to retailers, distributors, schools and other businesses around the globe, and we are proud to fly the flag for British manufacturing.



We not only want to inspire artists and print makers to create artwork, we also want to inspire them to protect the environment.

Our lino is made from natural ingredients, including linseed oil and wood flour, and is biodegradable.  Our inks are water-based and free of toxins, our products are all latex free, and our lino printing products are vegan friendly.

70% of our electricity is generated from the solar panels on our roof, we recycle our waste lino and and Softcut back into the manufacturing process, and by the end of the year we will have phased out any remaining plastic packaging, focussing instead on recyclable cardboard and biodegradable wrapping.

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