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​introducing the essdee fabric lino printing range!

We are excited to launch our fabric lino printing range!  Carve your own unique designs and print them onto fabric. You can print your own clothing, bags, cushions and more, the possibilities are endless! Check out the products in the range below.

fabric lino printing kit

Our comprehensive kit contains all the equipment you need to get printing onto fabric, including carving blocks, carving tools, ink and roller.

Fabric Rollers

Our absorbent fabric rollers are specifically designed to pick up ink and transfer it to the block ready for printing onto fabric.

Essdee Fabric Rollers 150mm

fabric block printing ink

Our highly viscous inks create a bold and vivid print that is soft to the touch and long-lasting once it has been heat set. They can be intermixed to create a wide range of shades, and as they are water-based are super easy to clean up with soap and water.

mastercut carving blocks

Our MasterCut carving blocks are extremely easy to carve.  They are soft and flexible, making them ideal for fabric printing.

Essdee MasterCut 300x200mm

Inspiration and tips

Check out out our Instructions page for our top tips for lino printing onto fabric as well as some ideas to get you started.


There is no plastic packaging in our fabric lino printing range, we use recyclable cardboard and biodegradable wrapping.  Lino printing onto fabric is also a great way to repurpose clothes and fabric, whilst expressing your own style, imagination and creativity.


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